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Photo of Barnford Hill Park

Geosite No 35

Barnford Hill Park.

This geosite is the best and most easily accessible exposure of the Upper Carboniferous, Salop Formation, Enville member within the geopark. The exposure has been termed 'the Pudding Rock' by locals and is a large rounded mound of conglomerate remaining after quarrying activities had ceased and workings were restored to form this public parkland. The exposure stands in the centre of what is now  well managed recreational park with a range of sporting facilities and children's play areas.  The history of the park notes that it was given 'for the use of the public for ever' in 1915 by Mr W A Albright of Messrs Albright and Wilson, a major Black Country chemicals manufacturer and innovator.

The exposure shows the characteristic very coarse grained nature and distinctive included clasts that are characteristic of this geological unit and its elevated position provides good views across the Black Country landscape to the north and west. The site is a geotourism and geoeducational asset that is very well managed, has a pavilion and good accessible footpaths and there is an interpretive sign for the geology of the Pudding Rock itself. There is a community friends group associated with this group.

Geosite facilities

There is no visitor centre, café or toilets at the site, so plan your visit with this in mind.

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