Black Country Geopark

The Black Country plays a major role in the world's heritage and it is here that the might of the industrial revolution was formed. It is a captivating place, packed with amazing stories just waiting to be told.

The geology here is rich in industrial minerals. Limestone, ironstone, fireclay and coal provided the ingredients to make iron and paved the way for an intense and very early industrial revolution to begin here.

Abraham Darby, the so-called father of the industrial revolution, was born at Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve and the Black Country went on to become the world’s first large industrial area. The mining industry covered the land and turned it into a country ‘black by day and red by night’.

It is no surprise that many aspects of engineering and geological science began here amidst all this activity and experimentation. The intense demand for minerals drove new developments including the world’s first effective steam mines pumping engine (the Newcomen Engine at Conygrea 1712).

Come and explore past worlds in the Black Country.

We have a new video promoting the geology of the Black Country and a video on the geology of the Stourbridge Canal and Glass Quarter Heritage Trail, which can be viewed below.

Black Country Geopark Application

We submitted the Black Country Global Geopark application to the Global Geoparks Network and UNESCO in 2015. After a UNESCO inspection visit and attendance at a Global Geopark conference in 2016 we were informed we needed to address several recommendations by UNESCO in 2017. We have addressed these recommendations and submitted a report to UNESCO in 2019. We hope to hear the outcome in Spring 2020.