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Dudley Archives and Local History Centre


Dudley Museum at the Archives is the main headquarters for the Black Country Global Geopark. There is a section dedicated to the Global Geopark within the Museum containing information on all 45 geosites. Throughout the rest of the Museum is an amazing fossils and minerals collection, a dinosaur gallery, a glass collection, local sporting heroes including a selection of Duncan Edwards memorabilia and a small art display. There is an education room offering a juniors and adults at museums craft sessions throughout the year and 'How to be a dinosaur' schools education programme.

  • Dudley archives head quarters of Black Country Geosite

All geological specimens are unique and irreplaceable. It is essential that collections are created in a way that cares for and shares these objects and the sites from which they came, for science and education, enjoyment and inspiration of all to enjoy now and in the future. We all have a role to play in this and have a responsibility to this special heritage. In support of this conservation need, the keeper of geology provides expertise and advice on matters of a geoconservation nature, both for sites and objects collected from them. The keeper of geology maintains the geological records for the West Midlands County and provides a geological enquiry service for collections.

Nearby Geosites

Geosite Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve - world renowned site and one of the best places to find fossils. Less than 1km from the museum. Call + 44 (0)1384 812785 - Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve.

Geosite Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust - Singing Cavern Experience - take a canal narrow boat trip into the underground limestone mines. Call + 044 (0) 121 557 6265 - Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust.

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