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Sedgley Beacon and Beacon Hill Quarries


Beacon Hill, Sedgley is an important geosite for its exposures of fossiliferous Silurian, Aymestry Limestone Strata of approximately 420 million years in age and its commanding views across the southern Black Country and to the west to the hills of Shropshire and Wales. It has a significant contrast in its fossils to those of nearby Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve. The Beacon site is one of the chain of hills that lit fires to signal the arrival of the Spanish armada at the shores of England during Elizabethan times. It also contains a notable landmark structure ‘The Sedgley Beacon’, a Victorian tower constructed under the orders of Lord Wrottersley and said to be his tower for observing the night sky.


This is a very important scientific and educational site and the rockfaces and mining features are designated as nationally important and protected under UK laws. The protection covers both geology as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's) and for mining heritage as a Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM).   

The Beacon Tower

Fossil collecting is permitted from the loose scree in the quarry that continually builds at the foot of the rockfaces, but is not permitted from rockfaces that are protected by planning and development control law.

Geosite facilities

There is currently no visitor centre, cafe or toilets at the site, so plan your visit with this in mind. There is a very traditional Black Country pub, ‘The Beacon Hotel' at the end of Beacon Lane on the approach to Beacon Hill and its tower, where refreshments and a limited range of snacks and food is available.

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