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Black Country Geopark

Geosite 023

This geosite provides the best and most easily accessible exposures of the largest dolerite intrusion in the Black Country (The Rowley Lopolith).

This site comprises a 20m long relic quarry face in the restored - Samson/Blue Rock quarries. The exposed rocks are entirely weathered dolerite/microgabbro of Late Carboniferous  Westphalian C age. The site has been the recent focus of community geoconservation activities that saw a sculptural seating area put in place with an interpretive cairn installed in 2014. The rock faces exhibit excellent examples of columnar jointing, nodular exfoliation, and weak mineralisation. Good, safe access makes this a very useful geoducational and geotourism site where it links to the wider landscape of the Rowley Hills.


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