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This is the only exposure of glacial till that is available currently in the Black Country, making it an important geosciences site for the area.

The main part of the outcrop is a laterally extensive outcrop of Triassic Helsby Sandstone Formation which has a profile of the palaeolandscape of the last ice age preserved as an irregular, eroded upper surface with a capping of Quaternary Devensian Glacial till. Interbedded sandstones, pebbly sandstones and mudstone pellet breccias, in this section indicate the nature of a new phase in the Triassic period very different from the preceding Wildmoor Sandstone Member. This site is a long road cutting adjacent to the A34 and has very easy access of a wide footpath. It has potential as a geoeducational and geotourism site as part of a Black Country geotour, however, this is a very busy city road and large groups are discouraged from the road edge here.

Geosite facilities

There is no visitor centre, café or toilets at the site, so plan your visit with this in mind.

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