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This geosite sits on the border between the borough's of Dudley and Wolverhampton and is important as a comparative section of Silurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation, Nodular Member strata which is best exposed on the south side of the adjacent road cutting and in quarries on either side of the road.

These strata are highly fossiliferous and offer an important palaeontological comparison with the exposures in the Silurian inliers further to the east (Wrens Nest NNR and Castle Hill). The northern part of the site is in the ownership of Wolverhampton and is by appointment only to that area of the site. It is an important geosite within the geopark, mainly for geoscience however this site has both geoeducational and geotourism potential and discussions are currently occurring with Wolverhampton City Council about the future of this site.

Geosite facilities

This is a closed site, viewing by appointment only. 

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